About Us

Meet our policy.

Mares Glass Inc was establish in 1997, and it was incorporated at 2008. Located since the beginning in Houston. Among its facilities has a plant area of operations and a customer service area with great comfort for this purpose. The company is characterized by offering customer service in the supply and installation of glass of all kinds with the possibility to make cuts of glass to the customer as required, either for bathroom doors , office , windows, etc.

Mares Glass Inc has as main objective to meet quality standards , requirements and customer satisfaction through a highly motivated and committed to respond with absolute responsibility to the customer for any eventuality on the requested work.

This company is dedicated to the commercialization of glass and mirros, whose main objective is to offer built- in installation and glass transformation services. All this framed in the possibility of giving advice and personalized assistance to enable us to gain preference , permanence and confidence in the market.

Our principal goal is to be a succefull company and an important option in the market of the glassworks by offering innovative products , high quality services and personalized attention to its customers under the solid foundation of an optimal relationship with our suppliers and the action of our valuable human capital that is highly qualified and committed in each of the internal areas of the company.

Our Service

Mares glass inc offers various services to serve our client’s requirements and satisfy all of their needs, the company offer's a costumer service and personalized attention to listen and satisfy their needs, we also install and customizate any kind of glass and mirrors, and the possibility to make cuts of glass to the customer as required, either for your appartment , office , company etc. In addition we have a variety of accessories and sales of glasses sheets in different presentations of sizes and thickness.


Window replacement

Stack wall window system

heavy glass window system

Curtain wall window system

Commercial storefront

Our Suppliers

These are our suppliers.

Guardian glass

CR Laurence

PPG Glass Products

US Aluminum

oldcastle building envelope

Our Skills

Our skills are based on: Commercial storefront service, curtain wall window system, glass window wall system, stack wall window system, custom mirrors service and the window replacement service.

Why people like us?

We respect our clients

In each of our works and services that we realize , as well the accessories and products that we offer.

With every single person who come to request our services and to all of those who make every day of the company a work experience.
From the point of view of offering new products that impact the customers taste and the incorporation of new machinery to provide better services , keeping strategies to gain market competitiveness (increased sales, customer loyalty , etc. ) .
To all of our clients.